Flaquito Leather

Replacement magnetic pads for Straight Razor Designs Lynn Abrams mudular paddle strop


Sadly, Straight Razor Designs has closed up shop for Lynn's retirement. And with it goes the original source for replacement pads for Lynn's modular paddle strop. As I and others need replacement pads, I decided to make and offer them to anyone in need. I would hate to see these great paddle strops not able to be used because of worn or damaged pads. These pads are made of your choice of veg tan leather, horse leather, or felt. Just make your choice from the drop down menu. They have a magnetic sheet glued to the back and ready to work on Lynn's modular paddle strop right out of the package. I can also add chromium oxide to any of the pads if you so desire.
This listing is for the magnetic replacement pads only. The modular paddle base or anything else pictured are not included. They are for display purposes only.
Everything I make is made to order. Depending on my workload at the time it could take anywhere from 1-4 weeks for completion.