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My name is Shane Irvin. The shop name "Flaquito Leather" came from a nickname my wife gave me years ago. I have been a tattoo artist for many years. I have always loved hand tooled leather, so I decided to bring my artistic skills into this field of work. I specialize in tattoo style art (of course), not your average western style leather-craft. I try to stay flexible for what my clients need & as I get requests I will always be adding items. I love it when a client comes to me with an unusual request. So, feel free to run your ideas or wishes by me! When you contact me, you deal with me and only me. I do absolutely everything by hand the hard way. I cut, tool, stitch, dye, design, draw, finish, etc. all by hand. The only way it could be any more handmade is if I raised the cows myself. No machines or kits are ever used. I love handmade anything. I love the soul of something made by hand. Not just your average perfectly stamped & machined items. I like the imperfections & differences in this world.

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